Construction: Initial License & File a New LLC or Inc – Package A


Initial Construction License and File a New LLC or Inc – Package A

Additional Copies ($10 each)

Immediate Pull

State-Certified Licenses

We can expedite your credit report(s) to the State of Florida DBPR via fax for an additional fee of $10. This will require a deficiency letter to accompany credit report. You can either upload your letter below or send a copy of the letter or deficiency e-mail to

Upload Deficiency Letter

PDF, JPEG, PNG, and Word documents are all acceptable formats.

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If you have passed your exams and are looking to start a new Florida LLC or Corporation, obtain an EIN number and apply for an Initial Construction License, then this is the package for you. License Exam Services will complete the basic online filing of a domestic Florida Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation (Inc). The package price includes filing fees to the Division of Corporations, the DBPR license fees for the application, fingerprinting fees, the business credit report, and the personal credit report. If the applicant’s personal credit score is under the 660 FICO threshold, additional fees for bonding/Financial Responsibility class are not included.

If the applicant is the employee of a business and does not have business and financial decision-making ability for the company, an additional FRO (Financial Responsible Officer) package may be necessary. If you do not have final approval authority on all business matters for the business organization, it may be in your best interest to appoint a Financially Responsible Officer. The appointment of a Financially Responsible Officer relieves the primary qualifying agent from financial responsibility, but the primary qualifying agent is still responsible for all construction-related matters. Call, email or text us for more information.

We will stay with your application after submission, but please be aware that we have no control over processing times; that is up to the DBPR. We also do not guarantee a license; that, too, is up to the DBPR. But if we discover an issue during our time working together, we can guarantee you that if we feel the license will not go through due to criminal issues or financial issues, we will recommend you to an attorney and work with that attorney to get them up to speed so they can take over.

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