Transfer Active License from One Business To Another (Construction, Single Business Entity) CILB 18


The CILB 18 form is used when transferring an active, Certified (license number begins with C) Construction License from an active business to a different active business entity.  This package includes:

  • Fingerprinting fees
  • Applicant’s personal credit report
  • Business credit report
  • State Fee of $50 paid to the Florida DBPR
  • Shipping of the application to the DBPR

If the qualifier (license holder) is not Financially Responsible, there is an additional application for a Financially Responsible Officer (aka FRO) that is highly recommended to be submitted.  If you unsure about needing an FRO, please ask so that you have the necessary information to make an informed decision.

How we work:

Once the service is ordered, we will contact you via phone and gather all information over the phone. We do our best not to have you fill out forms; that way you can get back to work, running your business or working your job.

WE REQUIRE VERBAL COMMUNICATION WITH THE QUALIFIER AND/OR THE BUSINESS OWNER. Some items can be delegated to others in the company, however, we are gathering personal information and want to be assured we are dealing with the subject/subjects of the application.

Once the application is filled out, we provide a complete copy to you for review. It is imperative that the applicant read through the ENTIRE application and notify us of any changes that need to be made as this is the APPLICANT’s application that they are attesting to, which is a binding document.

There may be additional fees for items such as needing a comprehensive criminal background history, correcting corporation or LLC documents with the Florida Division of Corporation, etc… if the need arises, we will discuss those issues with you ahead of time.


Not Sure If This Is What You Need?  We do have a “Pre-license Consultation” available:

You can order a 30-minute consultation here to get you on the right path. Or if you sign up with us for application processing, we will apply the $75 consultation fee to your application package!  We can talk to you about the requirements, signing up for the exam, or anything related to the Florida Construction or Electrical Contractor application process!

If you have your license and need direction on issues such as transferring your license, qualifying additional business entities, or have an application “stuck” at the DBPR and need assistance, we can help with those questions, too!  If you would like to use this service, please click on this link:

All primary qualifying agents for a business organization are jointly and equally responsible for supervision of all operations of the business organization; for all field work at all sites; and for financial matters, both for the organization in general for each specific job. If you do not have final approval authority on all business matters for the business organization, it may be in your best interest to appoint a Financially Responsible Officer. The appointment of a Financially Responsible Officer relieves the primary qualifying agent from financial responsibility, but the primary qualifying agent is still responsible for all construction-related matters.

Choose this option if you want to add an FRO. Cost includes Processing the CILB 8 application, personal credit report on the person appointed as FRO, a quote for the Financially Responsible Officer required $100K Bond from a licensed insurance agent/broker, and the required $200 state fee paid to the State of Florida DBPR. We will send a list of fingerprint providers to the applicant to schedule the fingerprints on his/her own.


The CILB 18 form is used when transferring an active, Certified (license number begins with C) Construction License from an active business to a different active business entity.

Application Processing Agreement

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