It Can Be Difficult to Know Where to Begin

Here are answers to general questions and concerns that many new contractors experience.


Much like the questions on your contractor’s exam, these applications are ambiguous. Something that looks straightforward may not be. Many applications get held up by little loose ends that a person normally doesn’t think about. Because we consistently submit the different application types, we know what to look for. 95% of our applications submitted are approved without deficiencies.

No, in fact no one does. The State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is a government entity; the department CANNOT show preferential treatment to a licensing service over any applicant applying for a professional license. Regardless of whether or not a company is “down the street from Tallahassee” or not, the processing routine is the same whether your application gets walked in the door at the DBPR or overnighted to the department. At License Exam Services, we are straightforward with you; we do not base our marketing on clever words or exaggerated sales tactics. We are here to help you achieve your licensing goal efficiently, honestly, and at a fair rate.

Yes! We offer initial consultation at no charge to you. We will talk about your experience and background and help you develop a game-plan for licensure. We do work with a national exam preparation school, the top school in the nation that covers licenses for 18 states. We can set you up with books, classes, and exam registration after your initial consultation.

The State of Florida DBPR does not “have your prints on file.” They have a fingerprint results report only. At the State, the boards do not share fingerprints across the different boards.

Yes, all companies must submit business credit reports regardless of how new the business is.

No, only the State can issue a contractor’s license. We only take on clients after we have had a detailed discussion about his or her experience and background. If we feel you are not a candidate for the license, we will explain possible options to help you achieve your goal without taking your hard-earned money.